Fauna is the set of animals that comprises a region or country. Also, fauna are the species that correspond to a certain geological period. The word fauna is from the Latin “fauna”. The fauna is divided into: Wild fauna is characterized by animals that do not need of the humanRead More →

An ecosystem is the whole formed by the living beings and the non-living elements of the environment and the vital relationship that is established between them. The science in charge of studying ecosystems and these relationships is called ecology. Ecosystems can be of two types: terrestrial (forests, jungles, savannas, deserts, Poles,Read More →

Since its formation nearly 4000 million years ago the oceans contain most of the liquid water on our planet. Understand your performance is very important to understand the climate and to explain the diversity of life that exist on our planet. Oceans and seas We call oceans to large bodiesRead More →