The common basilisk, is a species of lizard belonging to the family of the Corytophanidae and the genus Basiliscus, it is often called as Jesus Lizard, due to its ability to walk on water without sinking. There are many cultures that believe that this animal is sacred for that reason.Read More →

When we talk about snake bites we mean bruises caused by penetrating wounds caused by the huge fangs of one of these animals. Venomous snakes are the cause of a huge number of deaths and injuries around the world, we must therefore have extreme caution with them. Interesting facts aboutRead More →

Snakes or snakes are reptiles belonging to the order Squamata and comprising a group of more than 20 different families, known in detail below the taxonomy of snakes. Taxonomy of snakes Superreino: Eukaryota Taxonomy of the snakes starts with the superreino or domain in which it is located: Eukaryota, i.e.Read More →

Light pollution gives rise to a reflection of artificial light which goes by negatively intervening in the health of ecosystems; as well as any unprocessed aggravating is when any kind of action helper do not adapt. What is light pollution? This is the type of pollution due to emissions ofRead More →

Radioactive contamination is also called nuclear pollution and it’s one that occurs from radioisotopes; which can be natural or artificial, leaving a myriad of consequences in the surroundings in which they are established. What is radioactive contamination? It is that kind of contamination that is given by the presence ofRead More →

Noise pollution also call Sonic or hearing represents a great harm both for environment and for human beings, bringing both short-term and long-term consequences. What is acoustic or auditory pollution? This type of acoustic or auditory pollution is defined as that which is raised directly by the excess of soundRead More →

Soil pollution has been established as an important alteration that is reflected directly in the Earth’s surface from different causes that estimate to worsen with the passage of time if the respective measures are not taken. What is soil pollution? The contamination of the soil consists of the degradation inRead More →

This type of pollution is affecting and disturbing display of all environments from non-architectural elements that not only alter the landscapes; but they come to indirectly affect the health of all living beings that inhabit them. What is the visual pollution? This contamination represents one of the types that manyRead More →