Loneliness is a problem that can become serious. Indeed, it is known that it goes hand in hand with many other problems, as the weakening of support networks provided by society, and the adoption of unhealthy ways of life. In this article, we will see what are the main typesRead More →

Eating disorders are common in cultures obsessed with fast food, diet and body image. Dissatisfaction with the body and diet usually leads to dangerous and unhealthy eating behavior. Sometimes these food patterns can turn into eating disorders. Fortunately, there are now more warnings about the disease. Eating disorders can beRead More →

For anyone, it is a secret that traditional mobility, as a vehicle’s dependence, affects the environment, natural resources and the quality of human life. In view of this mobility and traditional transport, which cause social and environmental problems, basic alternatives such as sustainable mobility or ecological mobility have been born.Read More →

What is nervous system The nervous system is responsible for directing, supervising and controlartodas the functions and activities of our organs and our organism in general. The cells of our nervous system are called neurons and exist only in this place. The neurons receive the stimuli from all parts ofRead More →

The digestion Digestion is the transformation of the food ingested into other simpler substances in order to be absorbed by the body (more specifically by the blood) providing the energy needed to live. Digestion is a metabolic process, i.e. a process in which food is transformed into energy the digestionRead More →

Dinner is one of the foods that can influence you the most. It affects our rest, our digestion, our appearance learns to dine properly with this article we have often proposed to feed ourselves in a more eiqulibrada way but we have not always achieved it. Every meal of theRead More →

Grandparents, pediatricians, mothers, parents… We all agree on the importance of children taking their daily milk ration as they grow. No one puts it in doubt. However, when we add up years, many of them leave dairy people aside. There are even groups that ensure that it does not doRead More →

Fruits fit into our diet at any time of the day. They are nutritious and have many vitamins. Oranges: They are rich in vitamin C, fiber, potassium and folate. Folates are essential for pregnant women, as they avoid any possible neural tube defects in babies you can also enjoy the benefitRead More →