The dog of the Collick is a puppy and has a lot of love and loyalty to its owner. They are very tender, bright and beautiful, not least because of their fur, because it has a pretty strong character. Enjoy the company of a lot of your family and don’tRead More →

In this post we will talk about the race of the oldest dogs that exists, is the Siberian Husky, one can visually beautiful, very strong and with one of the best temperaments. So, if you want to learn more about this faithful friend, you should continue reading everything we bringRead More →

Although it is commonly known as Pitbull, the real name of this breed is American Pitbull Terrier and it’s a very imposing dog, which often is intimidating; but it is really fascinating. While in some countries it is prohibited by be considered as dangerous, these dogs can become good petsRead More →

The smallest dog in the world is the chihuahua, a species at the same time quiet and extroverted, which eats little, takes up little space and does not need daily exercise. Known in this article more interesting details about this species and surprise you with its features. Main characteristics ofRead More →

A breed of small dogs, a tender dog, a grumpy, but full of affection and love. To learn more about this breed of dogs, be sure to read everything we have for you in this publication. Origin and history of the Beijingers. It is one of the oldest breeds ofRead More →

Dogs are many and very different; This is due to the different breeds of dogs, the same characteristics and the qualities that differentiate each other. Read the next post. Toy Dog Breeds Within this category are dogs weighing less than 5 kilograms, among the most common toy dogs or DwarvesRead More →

When comes a new dog home, which we have adopted as a pet, immediately it becomes another Member of the family. Like the other members that comprise it, our dogs also need to be educated, in this case with dog training. Now well, if proper techniques are not used, dogsRead More →