The protection of the environment is the fundamental rule that must meet all being alive which remains in the natural environment; as it is the medium in which it is established, develops; It reproduces and dies. By breaking this aspect; the quality of nature is compromised, heading towards deterioration andRead More →

Sustainable development sustainable development that has been felt as a necessary principle for the global development of all generations, which implies a long-term element. On the other hand; It is this component that works in a balanced way to meet the expectations of economic development; Social and environmental care. WhatRead More →

When thinking about environmental degradation; It automatically comes to mind a solitary environment and that is precisely what is happening when ecosystems begin to become part of desertification; A process that leads to the degradation of many types of areas of the environment. What is desertification? The desertification process refersRead More →

Deforestation has been increasingly fast and with it; all its consequences determine the destruction of many natural ecosystems; specifically the forests and its members as the various species of flora and fauna; that it will depending on the type of ecosystem, as well as the human population. What is deforestation?Read More →

Over the past few decades, humanity has been responsible for the extinction of polar bears, one of the largest terrestrial predators on Earth and a super predator in the Arctic. There is no doubt that the main enemy at present is the people who cause the world’s most shocking environmentalRead More →

The problem of water scarcity is one of the current crises affecting the majority of the world’s population, whose problems lie in the irrational and inefficient use of various water sources and their sanitation facilities, which are rooted in water or water pressures, water shortages and water crises, which areRead More →

Like climate change, global warming is a reality that is causing change and imbalances in all countries of the world. The problem of global warming is the result of irresponsible and unsustainable human action against their environment and natural resources. Given this important environmental issue, it is important to understandRead More →

Plastic in our daily situation more than we think, not only in bottles or containers of food, but also in cigarettes, ears, and even foam glasses have plastic cover, this is plastic “You’re talking nonsense. Plastic is made from polymers of organic compounds, is an easy-to-form synthetic material, It alsoRead More →

Since ancient times to the present time humanity has depended on the plants of them are obtained products to satisfy necessities of food, housing, energy, health, dress and aesthetics. The interest in plants has allowed to better observe its characteristics and to make a greater use of them the plantsRead More →

That is the sun: the Sun gives us light and heat, it is the main energy source of the planet and brings illumination all over the world. The importance of the sun encompasses each one of the living beings. The sun helps plants to nourish themselves through photosynthesis, and without sunshine,Read More →