The shyness and the elusive of the Iberian skink reduces the chances of encountering one, hence are counted the lucky ones who have the luck to find a species that, at first glance, is confused with a common snake. Discover the features and lifestyle habits that allow you to identifyRead More →

At this point, it is difficult to not have heard at least of geckos, and certainly they are the most popular lizards on the planet! Adaptability has led to that there are currently more than 1,500 different species, all characterized by the colorful rounded legs and their bodies. Discover moreRead More →

Let’s start this article describing you a little this peculiar animal, as well as is as it says your name you can get an idea of how their skin color is composite since it is very similar to the leopards as such, impressive don’t think it? However, these lizards haveRead More →

The monster of Gila or also known by its scientific name Heloderna suspectum, is a poisonous lizard belonging to the family of the Helodermatidae. This lizard is known two subspecies which are the reticulated Gila monster and the banded Gila Monster. The Gila monster is also one of the twoRead More →

This reptile is characterized particularly by the piece of skin that is around your neck, which looks like a necklace that has very long spines of cartilage, and commonly is usually open it when it feels threatened. This kind of necklace known as Ruff and is located around your neckRead More →

May you know this animal or you just feel like us with hungry to learn about all the species that exist in the world. If this is your case, be prepared that you have an interesting article on the thorny devil, who is a type of lizard for nothing diabolicalRead More →

The Horned Lizard belongs to the agamidae, of the genus (Phrynosoma cornutum). His name is caused by horns-like structures on its head, giving it a more fierce appearance to this reptile. Equipped with hard spines and scales, this lizard is able to dismiss jets of blood in their eyes whenRead More →

The word Chameleon is automatically associated with the change of color on the fur. However, these reptiles do not taste, but out of necessity. Their condition in life, either psychological or physiological are the main causes of the variation of hue. Unique and impressive. Thus they are chameleons, who areRead More →

The green Anolis is a type of lizard that changes its color green to brown and also to Gray, this depends on your mood or the temperature of the habitat where you are, as this allows you to hide from predators that lurk. These little lizards are also known asRead More →

From the prehistoric Mosasaurus to the most common iguanas, the lizards have been creatures that evolved and survived until the present times, belong to a suborder called Lacertilla and together to snakes and blind shingles form the order Squamata, where only the Lacertillos comprise almost 5,000 species described so far.Read More →