What are freshwater aquatic ecosystems. Of freshwater aquatic ecosystems are important systems which provide very different services: they are source of food and water, regulate the climate, maintain biodiversity and soils, stored and eliminated pollutant and involved in the process of recycling of nutrients. Inland waters ecosystems can be classifiedRead More →

The oceans are large masses of salt water that separate continents. There are three major oceans (Atlantic, Indian and Pacific) and two children (Arctic and Antarctic). While the seas are also bodies of salt water, but smaller than the oceans. There are plenty of seas around the world as theRead More →

What are the terrestrial ecosystems. Terrestrial ecosystems encompass a wide variety of habitats distributed throughout the globe, and are those whose organisms, flora and fauna, are developed on the ground or in the subsoil. There are some who also included in these organisms that live in the air, and othersRead More →

From the latin, alludes to Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, gardens and spring. Botany, says assembly plants that inhabit a country (and by extension a peninsula, mainland, climate, a saw), the description of these, their wealth, periods of bloom, etc. The collection of plant species that can be foundRead More →

All living things relate to the environment that surrounds us some elements of that environment have life and others do not have it to the latter are called non-living elements. Every living being is an individual and the whole formed by individuals of the same species is called population. TheRead More →

Mangroves are a boundary area between the land and the Sea of many tropical and subtropical regions of the world, it is very common to find extensive forest formations formed by trees that withstand very well the flood and the aggressive saline conditions of these Sites. Mangroves as they areRead More →

Fauna is the set of animals that comprises a region or country. Also, fauna are the species that correspond to a certain geological period. The word fauna is from the Latin “fauna”. The fauna is divided into: Wild fauna is characterized by animals that do not need of the humanRead More →

An ecosystem is the whole formed by the living beings and the non-living elements of the environment and the vital relationship that is established between them. The science in charge of studying ecosystems and these relationships is called ecology. Ecosystems can be of two types: terrestrial (forests, jungles, savannas, deserts, Poles,Read More →