Insurance, you won’t bump with a taipan snake at any point in your life, it is the species of terrestrial snake with the most lethal poison around the world. It is scientifically known as “Oxyuranus”, is originally from Australia. There are three species: Taipan’s taipan of the coast, interior andRead More →

The Viper is one of the snakes better known worldwide, has a beauty that no other snake has and a look that could leave frozen any panic. They intimidate not only by his gaze, but by their mortal and very strong poison, is in fact considered more potent venom ofRead More →

There are species of snakes that stand out among all the others either by its beauty, characteristics and its great agility, and this is the case of the so-called sea snakes. The designated Sea serpents or sea snakes, are also called scientifically (Hydrophiinae) and make up a subfamily of venomousRead More →

The Velvet snake, scientifically designated as (Bothrops asper), is a genus of Crotalina snake that is located in Central America and North South America. It is undoubtedly one of the most feared snakes that we can get in the world, because it is highly poisonous and especially very aggressive, causingRead More →

The staircase snake is a species that will leave us surprised and delighted by its unique and amazing design. Scientifically it is called (Rhinechis Scalaris) and is a kind of snake member of the family of the Colúbridos. It is extremely famous because it has a design of black spotsRead More →

One of the most distinguished and feared snakes around the world is the so-called rattlesnake, belonging to the genus “Crotalus”. They are found within the family of the vipéridos, this means, that we are talking about one of the most poisonous snakes, in fact it is the most poisonous ofRead More →

We know the cobra, one of the snakes more venomous and surprising world. Main features of the cobra The cobra is a reptile of suborder serpents and the elapidae family, name given to the venomous snakes of tubular fangs. The most fearsome of all the cobras is real or Burma’sRead More →

The boa is one of the most feared snake is one of the most recognized around the world. It is an extremely large snake, tends to measure 5 to 6 meters, but there are exceptional cases where it reaches up to 10 meters in length. In addition to this theyRead More →

All have felt fear of snakes, either by their appearance or simply thinking about their painful bite, but there is one that would leave without speaking to anyone in the world without a doubt, this is the Anaconda. The anaconda is scientifically called “Eunectes Murinus”, is also called the boa’sRead More →

Many species of snakes live in our planet, and in this case we will talk about one in particular: the grass snake, receiving this name since some specimens have a characteristic collar that does not completely surrounds the neck. Is designated scientifically Natrix Natrix but is mostly known as “waterRead More →