Elephants ‘ curiosities and how to protect them

I discovered the characteristics and realities facing one of the most beautiful animals in the world.

The elephant is the largest terrestrial mammal on the planet and is a descendant of both the mammoth and the mastodon. It belongs to the group of the pachyderms (for its thick skin) and can reach weighing more than 1 ton. Currently, there are two subspecies: The African elephant and the Asian.

This animal is exclusively herbivorous, and its most striking features are its long trunk along with its huge ears. They can measure almost 4 meters and weigh more than 6,000 kilos. In addition, his life expectancy is around 70 years and presents the longest gestation period of all animals: 22 months.

As for its organization system, it consists of herds of approximately 20 members.

Intelligence, its main characteristic
Its large size is intimately associated with the dimension of its brain, which makes them very intelligent. In this regard, behaviors are associated as mourning for a loss, a strong link with other members, adoption, gambling and even self.

Fangs are one of the most famous aspects of this beautiful animal because they contain ivory, a material used by man to make handicrafts or other objects under what is considered illegal trade in many parts of the world. This causes the species to be threatened today.

Did you know that…?
Elephants ‘ ears function as a thermostat for them, as they help them dissipate body heat. The horn is another very striking organ due to its large size and mobility. The funny thing is that it fulfills many functions in their lives: it serves them to procure of food and to take it to his mouth, to shower, to start trees and shrubs or to throw ground on the loin to Deworm. The most striking thing is that his trunk has more than 100.00 different muscles.

In turn, another very interesting fact is that your brain weighs more than 5 kg and in it, memory occupies a very important role, hence the phrase “has memory of elephant.”

The importance of older adults
An old female is the matriarch who leads the herd to the sources of water and new pastures. Adult elephants consume about 200 kg. of leaves for which they devote almost 16 hours of the day, so that they need to constantly look for new areas to procure themselves of food.

The harsh reality they face
Unfortunately, much of the elephant population living in Asia, particularly in Thailand, is used for tourist purposes. The ride on the elephant loin is something that has become very common and profitable at the same time. In this context, the animal is subjected to strenuous work days, confinement and training with a high degree of demand, for which they are torn from nature and forced to live in a space that has nothing to do with their natural habitat.

Like all animals, elephants have rights: the right to freedom, to be able to behave in a natural way, to live in their habitat and with those who love, and of course! To receive love, rather than abuse.

It may seem very interesting and attractive to walk with an elephant, because it is something different. However, owe know that although the abuse they receive is not seen during your walk, it does exist, and not only in terms of training; Just because of the fact that that animal is carrying you on your back.

Like us, elephants need freedom and respect for their natural qualities. If you want to be a responsible tourist, you can download this guide with tips! Support the welfare of animals to return them to nature, where they belong.


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