Know these peculiarities of the dolphin

This marine species is known for its tenderness, communication skills and help. I discovered some of its peculiarities to fall in love with even more of this beautiful animal.

Dolphins, also called ocean Dolphins to distinguish them from Platanistoideos or river dolphins, are mammals and a very heterogeneous odontocetes family of cetaceans comprising more than 30 species. They measure between 2 and 9 meters long. They have a spindle body and a large head, the snout elongated and only a blowhole in the upper part of the head (respiratory orifice that many marine animals have as contact of air or water with their internal respiratory system). As for their diet, they are strictly carnivorous.

They are relatively close to the coast and often interact with the human being. They use the sounds, the dance and the jump to communicate, to orient themselves and to reach their preys. Dolphins are one of the animals most loved by man. From World Animal Protection we tell you some curiosities about them:

The gregariousness as a way of life
Dolphins are gregarious animals, which means that they have a tendency to group. They can create groups of up to 1000 copies that communicate, play and relate to each other.

They have a very elaborate communication system
To communicate they use a highly developed method known as ecolocalization that works to navigate long distances and send signals that allow to find dams, as well as avoid obstacles and predators. In addition, they perform “vocal specializations” of high and low frequency to communicate with each other and even with other marine individuals. Its operation consists in the emission of several sounds in the form of bursts of sonorous pulses that help another or other dolphins to analyze the environment as they receive the sound echo. The latter is “placed” in the lower jaw teeth that absorb sound vibrations.

Do dolphins help with anything?

A study carried out in a group of dolphins revealed that mainly females use sponges as tools during food search. Although this hypothesis is the most supported, it is also believed that they use them to play or even for medicinal purposes. In any case, the transport of sponges is something specific of this animal.

Why are they considered so intelligent?

Dolphins are rational animals, which means that they can understand and represent the environment in which they live, think and draw conclusions. Thanks to a very developed cerebral cortex, in relation to the rest of the mammal animals, the dolphin has a remarkable memory. Numerous scientific research has made it possible to make known that it is able to use its brain to develop various activities in pursuit of its survival because they can modify their behaviors intentionally to fulfill their objectives.

Do you practice bisexuality?

While conducting a study in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in captivity it was possible to observe homosexual and heterosexual behaviors, as well as the practice of masturbation in males. During his early age (up to ten years) sexual play is practiced with both males and females. When they become larger they form heterosexual couples in order to mate, but they maintain ties with their homosexual companions.

Also, a documentary about homosexuality in the animal kingdom of National Geographic shows dolphins as very affective creatures who carry out regular sexual practices.

Know the meaning of death

The Dolphins pass the death of a close being in a way very similar to ours because they feel pain and can get to suffer stress. In fact, it has been discovered that they are aware of their own mortality; They know they’re not going to be here anymore. For this reason, some choose to commit suicide, which makes them the only animals capable of ending their own life, along with man.

Can they attack the human being?

The reality is that there are very rare cases in which a dolphin attacks a man. The events that occurred show that they do it if they confuse the man with some prey (but then release it) or if it annoys or attacks. Unfortunately, the attacks of our species are much more everyday than theirs. Such is the case of the pink dolphin in the Amazon that is used as bait to hunt the Mota fish. Fortunately, thanks to the work we are doing with governments and communities, this problem is in the process of solving.

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