I discovered the characteristics and realities facing one of the most beautiful animals in the world. The elephant is the largest terrestrial mammal on the planet and is a descendant of both the mammoth and the mastodon. It belongs to the group of the pachyderms (for its thick skin) andRead More →

Whether it’s climate change, habitat destruction or illegal hunting, there are four animals that need our help urgently. Otherwise, they could disappear from Argentine territory in a few years. The Argentine Republic is characterized as a country with different types of climate, so there is a great diversity of wildlifeRead More →

Many animals are subjected to acts of cruelty and exposure in order to entertain tourists in exchange for money. It is necessary to know the reality that crosses the wild life to save their lives. Tourist attractions that offer elephant rides, circuses that make the Bears dance, resorts with tigersRead More →

This marine species is known for its tenderness, communication skills and help. I discovered some of its peculiarities to fall in love with even more of this beautiful animal. Dolphins, also called ocean Dolphins to distinguish them from Platanistoideos or river dolphins, are mammals and a very heterogeneous odontocetes familyRead More →

I knew the Iberá marshlands when it was still a remote, inhospitable, wild land. There was nothing to suppose that three decades later it would become the Mecca of nature tourism in Argentina. In its million and a half hectares the water sends, but it is not the only thing:Read More →

El Informe Planeta Vivo 2016, producido por la Organización Mundial de la Naturaleza (WW F), advierte que las poblaciones de vida silvestre podrían disminuir en un 67% para 2020. Solo entre 1970 y 2012 las poblaciones de peces, aves, mamíferos, anfibios y reptiles del mundo disminuyeron en 58 % debidoRead More →

Cat are part of the family of the Felidae and are also known as domestic cat. In addition, cat have convividos with humans for a long time, so during the thousands of years that have passed cat and humans have learned how to socialize the one with the others. OnRead More →

The dog of the Collick is a puppy and has a lot of love and loyalty to its owner. They are very tender, bright and beautiful, not least because of their fur, because it has a pretty strong character. Enjoy the company of a lot of your family and don’tRead More →

In this post we will talk about the race of the oldest dogs that exists, is the Siberian Husky, one can visually beautiful, very strong and with one of the best temperaments. So, if you want to learn more about this faithful friend, you should continue reading everything we bringRead More →

Although it is commonly known as Pitbull, the real name of this breed is American Pitbull Terrier and it’s a very imposing dog, which often is intimidating; but it is really fascinating. While in some countries it is prohibited by be considered as dangerous, these dogs can become good petsRead More →